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Posthaven Farm

posthaven family farmEveryone in the agriculture industry already knows the struggles for dairy farms. They never seem to be ending snowstorms, extreme changes in soybeans and corn prices, change in government power, and quotas on milk production make it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. What could the light even possibly be for farmers? Why do what they do for less than nothing in return? With all this negativity in the world we need to remember that farmers are the positive. Farmers are the light in this world for so many others who don’t even know it because this world would be nothing without them. As this is preaching to the choir of agriculturist, who already know this, and who hear it time and time again. What is important to hear in this is that the world needs farmers. They need unique individuals who have a large skill set, who have been able to adapt and overcome through innovation, hard work and advanced business skills. Most importantly people need the high-quality nutritional affordable food they provide to stay healthy and strong in uncertain times of their own. So just try to remind yourself daily that you as a farmer are the positive, even when it’s hard to see it.

One of Delaware county’s lights is the 8th generation family run Posthaven Farm, located in Hobart, NY. When walking into the barn it is always automatically lit up with beautiful big ultra-dairy registered Holstein cows. Andy (father), Betty Ann (mother), and their kids Randall, Rosie, Brett, and Andrew have devoted their life to the farm since 1997. Andy came to the farm with 30 cows of his own that he had raised and bred at his father’s farm, Pineyvale Holsteins, Dave and Carolynn Post. Before the Post family moved in, the barn was already accustomed to keeping superior cattle as it started out as a Dreamstreet farm, then later was Mansion Valley Farm ran by Gary Culberston with Holsteins and Jersey with the prefix Ladyholm.posthaven award winning cows

As Andy stated, “always got to start with something”, and he did. Andy brought with him from his father’s farm, Pineyvale C Matt Strawberry EX-96 4E DOM. Strawberry was recently named one of New York Holsteins Associations Cow of the Century. In her time, she was 1st aged cow at the New York State Jr Show and Eastern State Exposition, member of the 1st best three, 1989 Jr All- American Aged Cow and 1991 All-NY 100,000 cow. This cow has been a true blessing to this farm as her genetics have been passed down in continued excellence.

Other highlighted cows are Posthaven Hank Creampuff EX94 3E making over 40,000 pounds of milk this year with about 230,000 total lifetime and was Grand Champion of the Delaware County Holstein show in 2018. Creampuff is also special because she comes from one of the farms own bulls. Continuing the train of success with a “one of a kind cow“, Posthaven Superstar Fresca, another cow from a bull on the farm, is in fact a super star being extremely efficient in production and reproduction, giving the farm daughters that have been transmitting very well. Some more are Posthaven Black Ice Slice EX92, Posthaven Advant Becca EX93, Maple- Downs Solomon Elsa EX92, and their more recent success- Posthaven Absolute Sasy EX 95 and her offspring you can’t miss walking into the barn, Posthaven Corvette Shiller EX92.posthaven winning ribbons

Sasy didn’t start her show career until she was a few lactations in, the Post family always knew she was a good cow, but she was never that easy to handle. Holstein Classifier and family member Al McClure came walking down the barn floor one day and said you must show that cow, she is the best in the barn!  He recommended a few options with being able to work with her and off to the show she went! Since then, she has gathered many ribbon’s, banners, trophies and joy for the Post family.  She has won back- to- back Grand Champion of the Delaware County Holstein Show (2019 & 2020), Reserve Grand Champion of the North American Jr. Dairy Show, she won All-New York and Jr. All-New York Aged Cow, as well as All-New York Dam and Daughter with her daughter Shiler this year. She was nominated and won High Honorable Mention Jr. All- American Aged Cow in 2019. Hot off the press, Sasy was nominated Jr. All-American and has won Reserve Jr. All-American Aged Cow for 2020! The Post family is thrilled and honored to hear the news.The Post Family

Shiler was first Senior Three-Year- Old of the Delaware/Schoharie show along with being named Intermediate Champion of the Jr. Show. The Post’s are looking forward to the future working Sasy’s offspring, especially with the exciting news getting three IVF red and white Unstopabull heifer calves born in December from Sasy.

The Post family is proud to be able to carry on as the eighth generation (Randy, Rosie, Brett & Andrew) in dairy farming in these challenging times. They have strived to improve their breeding program through the years by asking questions, doing research, (Rosie loves to research new sires), and taking some calculated risks. Andy explained that they like to breed for quality, type, production, and longevity. They are very thankful to have such great family, friends, and peers in the industry that impacted their success along the way. Andy, “This lifestyle takes a lot of passion and luck. We are very passionate about breeding the ultimate dairy cow and taking great care of our animals and land.”