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Sunny Acres Swiss

4 Generationsfarm sign

4 generations: Florence, Lester, Bob Tyler, Pam and daughter Sharla Woodrow

The farmers spotlight is back and shinning bright on Sunny Acres Swiss. The beautiful herd of Brown Swiss and Jerseys as it stands today was started off from just four 4-h calves bought by Lester Tyler’s father when he was a boy. Today, most, if not all cows in the barn go back to those four 4-h calves. They now are currently milking 130 cows and have around 300 total head.


Lester or better known on the farm as “Poppy” moved from DeLancey, NY to Milford, NY and brought with him 35 Swiss in 1973.The first two Jerseys entered the farm when Sharla was 5years old in memory of Pam’s mother Margaret Johnson, who had a Jersey farm in New Berlin. Everyday Lester, his daughter Pam, and granddaughter Sharla work extremely hard together to keep quality cows producing.

Sharla holding calvesSharla said it best when she said, “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”, and boy o boy have they worked hard for wonderful success.

Sunny Acres Swiss has had four bulls total in Artificial Insemination (AI) for Brown Swiss and three are still in it today. Out of those three, two are ranked top Udder Bulls in the country. In the last few months one bull was recognized as #1 Bull for Udder components. These bulls go back to the famous “D Family” on the farm. The two bulls dam is Sunny Acres Vigor Dream 2E92, lifetime 163,385 6357F 5418P she’ll be 12 years old in December and due to calve with her 9th calf. Six-time Type and Production winner at the Delaware County Fair Sunny Acre Denver Dalila 3E93(pictured below) is a 14-year-old legend on the farm, she has produced over 250,000lbs of milk, and has had 10 calves. She has now retired from the show world after winning her title one last time last year.  Dalila’s full sister sold at the National Swiss Sale as a 2-year-old 12 years ago for $17,700.

Another amazing recent recognition is due to Sunny Acres Payoff Llama, a milking beast on the farm who is one of the top 10 cows for production of lifetime, AND she is one of the of the only few alive left on the list of cows that were recognized. Talk about longevity. Chasing after components, the herd is currently at 4.0% fat, 3.4% protein with a 150-day milk at 62.2 pounds.

denver dalila

Sunny Acres Denver Delila 3E92

brown swiss cowshow winner

This summer, taking advantage of the busy road they live on, and consumers demand growing for local home-grown food, the family decided to start a farm stand offering beef, chicken, farm fresh eggs, veggies, and brooks BBQ sauce! They hope to continue and grow the stand in years to come and add a wider variety of locally made produce and goods. Coming soon is Dar- View Maple Syrup and Clarks milk!

tractor line upcalf and tractor

SFC is proud and honored to have been providing our services to Sunny Acre Swiss for the past 16 years. Mark MacGibbon and Lester Tyler have built a strong relationship over the years based off of trust and loyalty, it is in our core values to help our farmers anyway we can for their success.