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Pet Foods

feed2.jpgTaste of the Wild
  • our premium pet food line offers high-qualtiy, grain free formulas, with limited ingredients, the first of which is REAL meat, fish or fowl
  • when nothing but the best will do for your dog or cat, choose Taste of the Wild
Southern States Grain Free
  • an affordable alternative that still allows you to feed grain free
Southern States Complete & Naturals
  • top quality food for your canine & feline companions
  • whether your feathered friends are cockatiels, parrots or parakeets, we have high quality food options for you
Rabbit feeds from Sweet Meadows or Nutrena
Guinea Pig feed from Sweet Meadows

Treats & Toys

  • We offer a HUGE selection of treats, with a wide-variety of all natural, grain-free & healthful choices
  • Whether your pet wants to snuggle, fetch or tug, we have toys of every variety

Pet Containment

  • We carry a full line of crates, tie-outs, and can order just the right kennel to keep your pet contained & safe

leashes.jpgCoastal Collars & Leashes

  • One of the many lines of accesories to keep your four-legged friend in fashion and/or in check!

Flea & Tick Products

We offer a wide variety of spot treatments, collars, & preventatives

  • Seresto, Advantage, Advantix, Frontline & more..


  • An ALL-NATURAL, HOLISTIC, safe & proven way to rid your pets, home & even yard of fleas & ticks

Pet Bedding/Litters

  • Pet beds & pillows
  • Straw, shavings & paper bedding
  • Litters of all types, packaged in a variety of sizes

Pet Health

  • Whether FiFi has worms, Fluffy has ear mites, or Fido was sprayed with a skunk, SFC has what you need to keep those four-legged family members healthy & happy!