Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
Saturday: 8am-3pm


SFC Farmers Market

SFC Farmers’ Market is a great way to shop for ingredients for that special meal or for your week’s groceries. Farmers from throughout our area who are members of Stamford Farmers’ Cooperative take care in bringing you the freshest, tastiest products from their farms each week. SFC is proud to offer its convenient location and parking to make it easy for shoppers and farmers to connect! Besure to stop in the Store to visit SFC’s dairy case, meat freezer and peruse all the fine products offered for sale for your family too!

The goal for the SFC Farmers’ Market is to promote our member farmers by offering a covered spacewith a table and 2 chairs, free parking, plus advertising throughout the summer season. We’ll becreating a friendly and festive atmosphere for customers to experience directly the best that our member farmers have to offer.

Are you a farmer interested in participating in SFC Farmers’ Market? It’s easy as 123!

  1. Review our Market Rules, select your products and verify your certifications and insurance.
  2. Not a member of SFC yet? Join!
  3. Sign on for the season - $30 entry fee is refundable at the end of the season as long as your farm attends 13 out of the total of 15 Thursday markets (fruit and vegetable farmers will not be held to this if their crop season is shorter than 13 weeks).

Be sure to join the SFC Farmers’ Market Group on Facebook where you will be able to shareinformation, ask questions, and build connections with participating farmers. We’d like to create Farm Market Team, if you are interested in joining, please let us know!

Janet Beken Smith, Manager at SFC

Angela Schmid, Board of Directors at SFC

Farmers Market Rules

1. The SFC Farmers’ Market is limited to farmer/vendors, associate vendors, and prepared food vendors, who are bona-fide growers, and craftspersons, and producers of homemade products, who are members of Stamford Farmers’ Cooperative, and who are approved by the SFC Board of Directors.

2. The primary goal of the SFC Farmers’ Market is to promote member farmers, therefore it is generally* against the policy of the market for any member farmer to purchase items and resell them at the market. Only products which are produced by a member or his/her household
or business on land owned or rented by that member may be sold or given away by the vendor.

*Vendors may represent and sell another’s product with written permission of the producer and the Board as long as the product is produced within the SFC service/member area by an SFC member farmer.

View full rules.